A tribute to my good old friend the Holga - that plastic wonder that was always an equal mix of fascination and frustration.

I shot extensively with a number of Holgas in New York from about 2004 to 2009. The freedom provided by the Holga's limitations are very rare in the photographic world and something that everyone should give themselves over to for a while. Essentially every parameter is locked down (shutter speed, focal length, aperture (sort of), etc.) and you're left simply to compose and focus (as best as you can at least). It's pretty hard to beat this for a light and simple kit - a pocket full of film and a Holga is all you need.

Its various foibles and idiosyncracies could sometimes lead to a wonderful collision and produce something almost impossible to reproduce with any other camera... or potentially ruin what could've been an excellent shot. I eventually grew frustrated with the misses and imprecision, but those years and that camera will always be very important to me.