Suspension | Transition

Halifax in the years leading up to 2020 was a place undergoing a significant transition.  The amount of physical and social change had not been seen in the city for some time, after years of stagnant development on the peninsula and the continued outward suburban expansion of the city.  Through whatever combination of local regulation, politics, and development interest, things had begun to change with buildings coming down and going up all over.  The face of the city and its residents - supplemented by record immigration numbers and gentrification of long stable areas - had been changing quicker than it had in a long time.

But then 2020 brought with it the COVID-19 pandemic that stopped the city and the whole world in their tracks.  This collective suspension of basically all normal activity brought some parts of this transition to a halt - the whole planet drew in a big breath and held it.

This project focused on the creation of a book as a visual diary of peninsular Halifax through the years 2020 and 2021 - simply the city as I saw it.  It is not intended as a complete document of the time or place, but as a personal record of a city in transition.